❾-50%}What happened All things considered, Nintendo had a very good E3 showing. Evil Genius 2 [19]. Release date: Platform: Nintendo Switch This'll be a fun one. Image 1 of 4 Image credit: Electronic Arts. Last but not least we got a new gameplay trailer for Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch that shows up what life will be like on the newly inhabited island yay! Aground [4]. Cameron Sherrill Cameron Sherrill is a designer and writer for Esquire. The Outer Worlds: release date, news, trailers and gameplay The Outer Worlds doesn't shy away from its Fallout roots - and that's great. No, Elder Scrolls VI or Starfield didn't show up, something Bethesda told us ahead of time and fans in the audience refused to believe. A netrunner might hack their way into the security guards' mind to force them to turn their weapons on themselves, while a stronger character might rip their way through the door and the guards too. It's a parody-filled direct video not an actual press conference that could be described as the exact opposite of a Nintendo Direct. Last but not least, there was a great new trailer for Planet Zoo, a spiritual successor to the old Zoo Tycoon games that many fondly remember from the early Aughts. This year's demonstration focused on Pacifica, a half-finished "luxury" section of future Los Angeles that was abandoned by its developers after a disaster ruined its economic underpinnings.